Valley Dynamo

Valley Dynamo Hot Flash 8' Air Hockey Table

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Valley Dynamo Hot Flash 8' Air Hockey Table


Hot Flash 8' Air Hockey Table: Ignite Your Game Room with the number one selling air hockey table!

Prepare for intense, heart-pounding action with the Hot Flash 8' Air Hockey Table. Designed to deliver a sizzling gaming experience, this table is the ultimate addition to any game room or entertainment space. Get ready for fast-paced gameplay and endless excitement!

Key Features:

  • Patented “Dyna-Blast” blower system delivers fast, nonstop action
  • UV coated playing surface and black light graphics for visual excitement
  • Tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability
  • Easy-to-read overhead LED scoring display
  • Fun and exciting colors and graphics
  • Smooth-corner top rails, powder-coated for durability
  • Common components and electronics shared with other Dynamo tables makes for ease of service and fewer parts stocked.
  • Simple programming, PCB easily accessed through side-mount service door.
  • Proven long-life commercial-grade cabinet construction. A Dynamo table is an investment in quality.
  • Trap door for leg storage during transport
  • ETL and CE approved

 Bring the heat to your game room with the Hot Flash 8' Air Hockey Table. Whether for friendly matches or intense tournaments, this table guarantees endless hours of thrilling entertainment for you and your guests.