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Pro style climate adjusters

Pro style climate adjusters

Feb 20th 2024

Several years ago Playcraft made the decision to switch all climate adjusters to an upgraded style that includes an arm and threaded rod style as seen in the image below. These adjusters mirror those found on much more expensice tables and are referred to as "pro style " by Playcraft. They use leverage against the arms to shape the playfield 

This is in contrast to the "bar style" that can be seen in the next image. Bar style are typically used on competing tables and use a central force of one point to pull down in the center of the board. It is not uncommon for that one point to fail and pull out, or to be insufficient to effectively shape the board. 

When comparing the force on a pro style that is distributed against two mounting feet and a total of eight bolts,  against the concentrated force on one bolt with a bar style, the choice seems obvious. Pro style are more effective and not prone to failure. Bar style are ineffective and likely to pull out.

Pro style adjusters are included with ALL Playcraft home style boards