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Saybrook Shuffleboard

Saybrook Shuffleboard

Feb 20th 2024

The Saybrook shuffleboard table is a special one deserving of its own stage. It is a home style table with a 15' x 1.75" two piece playfield, but that is where convention gives way to innovation.

The Saybrook's revolutionary KD (knocked down) design breaks new ground. What does that mean in practical terms? This means the table arrives in flat-pack sections, with the longest and heaviest pieces being the two halves of the playfield. All of the remaining components are parts that are assembled on site.

This means that the Saybrook can effectively be moved into any room, in any location. As long as there is enough room to play (add a total of 6 feet to the table length to allow for play at both ends) the Saybrook will fit!

Benefits of the KD Design:

Overcome Tight Spaces: The Saybrook Midnight can be strategically maneuvered and assembled in rooms with limited access. Narrow doorways or tight corners are no longer obstacles to shuffleboard fun.

Ultimate Flexibility: Imagine a finished basement with a tricky entryway. The Saybrook Midnight can be broken down, brought in piece by piece, and then reassembled for a perfect fit.

Future-Proofing Your Fun: Moving houses? No problem! The KD design allows for disassembly and reassembly in your new location, ensuring your beloved shuffleboard table can come along for the ride.

No Compromise, Pure Gameplay:

For over 40 years, Playcraft has been synonymous with top-notch game room tables. Their dedication to quality construction and innovative design is evident in the Saybrook.

While some might be wary of a two-piece playfield, Playcraft assures there's no sacrifice in performance (you can refer to this post for more details on the subject). The Saybrook features a solid hardwood butcher block construction, meticulously crafted into two halves that seamlessly integrate for an uninterrupted playing surface.

The polymer finish ensures a smooth and consistent glide for your pucks, while the upgraded pro-series climate adjusters allow you to fine-tune the playfield for optimal speed and responsiveness.

With its sleek weathered Midnight charcoal gray finish and exposed steel hardware, the Saybrook Midnight is a stylish addition to any game room. Available in 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft lengths, you can choose the perfect size to fit your space and the number of players you typically host.

Check out the Saybrook in midnight at this link.