Champion Worthington Shuffleboard

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$8,395.00 - $9,595.00

Champion Worthington Shuffleboard

$8,395.00 - $9,595.00
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Champion Worthington Shuffleboard

$8,395.00 - $9,595.00

The Worthington Shuffleboard Table stands in a class of its own, featuring an Italian-inspired style cabinet that captures attention with its rich colors. The cabinet not only exudes quality and craftsmanship but also gains character with age and use, showcasing a sense of style that endures over time. The Worthington Shuffleboard Table is a unique and timeless addition to your game room, combining aesthetic appeal with enduring quality for a truly distinctive piece.


  • Solid Canadian Maple playfield
  • Polymer finish playfield (needs no resurfacing)
  • Climate adjusters
  • Solid wood cradle and legs
  • Patented Handicap Scoring
  • 3″ thick x 20″ wide playfield
  • Overall Length: 9 ft - 22 ft
  • Width: 31" 
  • Height: 30"
  • Includes set of weights and can of wax